John Key criticizes secret recording

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, has criticized  “News of the World tactics” used to secretly record a meeting between him and ACT member John Banks, according to Stuff 

The eight minute recording was captured by a freelance journalist working for Auckland newspaper, the Herald on Sunday.

The journalist left the microphone in a pouch on the table where Key and and Banks were having a cup of tea.

The Herald on Sunday claims that action was accidental and that they were only made aware of the recording once the journalist had returned to the paper’s offices.

Key disagrees, stating that the actions were deliberate:

“It was a very bland conversation. But this was a deliberate action by the Herald’s weekend paper.”

Just like ‘News of the World’ 

Key likened the incident to the type of phone-hacking tactics used by the News of the World in Britain.

“I think there is just no place for News of the World tactics here in New Zealand. Once it starts with me it will move to Phil Goff and then it will move to other well-known New Zealanders” said Key.

He added, “I think I’ve got a duty to stand up and say New Zealanders aren’t going to put up with that.”

Although Key has said he is not concerned about what is on the tape, he will not make the recording public,  saying he did want to “reward” the Herald on Sunday’s actions.

Key is currently campaigning for re-election in November.


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