There’s No Place Like Home

March 12, 2013 § 10 Comments

Dorothy got it right when she said ‘there’s no place like home’.

Spending two months back in my native Wellington waiting for a visa (note: legitimate excuse for a ridiculously long holiday) made me realise and appreciate just how true those words are. Regardless of my love for the always-busy, never-boring, opportunity-laden London where I currently live, there is nothing quite like chilling out in my family home back in New Zealand.

As the time drew nearer to my upping and leaving the sun-drenched eight weeks I’d spent relaxing, reading 15 books and catching up with old friends and family, nostalgic hit. Big time. It became achingly clear that there were so many things I’d miss about my harbour city.

Some were big things: walking along the waterfront. Being surrounded by green, lush bush. Living five minutes from the beach. The quirky, creative Wellington culture. Rugby.

Some were small: waking to the sounds of birds not alarms or traffic. Having a view that doesn’t compose of the next-door neighbours garden.

And some completely trivial: free public toilets. Rubbish bins throughout the city. Orange-chocolate-chip ice-cream and easily purchased Pineapple Lumps (if you’ve never tried them, you haven’t lived).

London might not be as different as Oz was to Kansas, but it’s different enough to make me realise that while it’s ‘home for now’, it will never quite truly be home. That belongs to Wellington. Even when I’m 1,600miles away.

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§ 10 Responses to There’s No Place Like Home

  • Wellington is a special place. It’s nice to know somewhere that concisely eclectic is just a hop, skip, and not even a jump really, from Auckland. Always look forward to it when I’ve got a reason to head down.

    • It’s so nice to hear such positive comments from an Auckland – especially because Wellingtonians don’t tend to have the same to say about Aucklanders 😉

      • Auckland gets a bad rap, but I think that’s mostly the fault of Aucklanders, rather than Auckland itself. I think if you took the Aucklanders out of Auckland, the rest of New Zealand would like it just fine.

      • Ha, ha! Now I’ll have to go to Auckland to see if this is true. Oddly enough, living in London most of the people I’ve met have been from Auckland…. but this should tell me something…

      • You have to try a night out in Auckland, at least once, especially now that we’re doing something with the bottom of town. Auckland is home and I love it, but I tend to look at us and Wellington the way I look at Sydney and Melbourne. Yeah one’s the bigger city and arguably the more marquee name, but the other’s got more soul.

      • When I’m next back in NZ a trip to Auckland is definitely on my ‘must do’ list – I’ve ignored the city for too long. Such a poetic way of describing the difference between the cities – I like it 🙂

  • I only got to spend a couple of nights in Wellington but I loved the city and wished my stay was longer, the architecture, shopping and landscape is so different to where I live and so different to the far north which is usually where I spend my time in NZ. Pineapple lumps are one of the yummiest sweets, I always bought bags of them home with me but now we can get them in our local supermarket, along with L&P, Buzz bars and Griffins biscuits 🙂

    • Wellington holds a special place in my heart – always will do.

      Aside from Pineapple Lumps, I miss TimTams – lucky I’m getting a ‘care package’ soon because to buy them in London makes parting with a lot of dough!

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