Remembering Why I Love London

February 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

Part of the Big Egg Hunt

Today I was reminded why I love London.

Walking with a friend around Carnaby, Soho, Oxford Street and later near Embankment, I was struck, once again, with the randomness and wonderfulness that London has to offer.

I’ve had a few friends come over to this big cit from the small isle of New Zealand and say that it’s too big. That they never know what’s going on and therefore never know what to do.

To be honest, that is exactly what I love about London!

Half the time I have no idea what’s happening in this city and I love the fact that on any given day I could stumble across some event or piece or art. Often, it’s those little things that make my day.

So, here are the three things today that made me fall in love with London all over again:

The Big Egg Hunt

'My Generation' by Vincent McEvoy

There are eggs ‘hidden’ all over London in aid of the charities Elephant Family and Action for Children.

I first heard about this in yesterday’s London Evening Standard and was extremely excited to come across some of them today.

'Sad Happy Frog Egg' by Gary Card

'Sad Happy Frog Egg' by Gary Card

The eggs are designed by many famous people, including Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Ridley Scott (did anyone else know that he was knighted?) and even a ‘humpty dumpty’ egg signed by Prince Charles and Camilla.

By texting in a certain code you’ll donate £3 to the charities as well as entering the chance to win a £100,000 prize.

The eggs will be waiting to be found from today (Shrove Tuesday) until April 3.

So with 209 eggs to be discovered, you better get cracking (excuse the pun) and find them!


Fortune-telling roller-coaster @ Selfridges

And it wasn’t because of the clothes.

Walking past the famous department store with Sophie the two of us stopped in our tracks to see a 14 foot wooden roller-coaster in the window dispelling (wait for it)…. fortune balls!

My first fortune: 'Welcome to the EXTREME new you'

The initiative is part a corroboration between It’s Nice That and Stewdio, celebrating the (sometimes frustrating) English language as part of the Words, Words, Words idea.

With no more effort than opening the door to the store and pulling a lever you can have your fortune. Or two if you’re me. Four if you’re Sophie.

It’ll be in the window for seven weeks. So, head down to Oxford Street and find out what 2012 has in store for you.

Random Sketchers

One of the sketchers

Walking across the Hungerford Bridge (known to me and you as the Charing Cross bridge) I noticed a number of people standing around with sketch books and other artsy things.

Now, the journalist in me should have thought why, which I did, but I should also have asked these people why.

But sometimes I think it’s nicer to have a bit of mystery in the world. To not always know what is going on.

I was content just to walk past, ipod ringing in my ears, and try to get a sneaky-peek at what they were doing.

So, today, for me, those sketchers remain a mystery.

And I’m more than happy about that.

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