Liebster Blog Award

January 16, 2012 § 4 Comments

Photo taken from TwoBlackDoggies

Today when I opened up my blog account and I was surprised to find that another blogger, Two Black Doggies, has given me the Liebster Award. 

The blog is given to a blogger with less than 200 followers, and as part of the award there are a few rules.

The rules 

1) Show thanks to the blogger who gave you the award

2) Link back to the blogger who awarded you

3) Copy and paste the Liebster Blog Award on your blog.

4) Reveal your top five blog picks for the award.

5) Let them know you selected them by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, I believe I have followed rules one to three already, so here is number four…

My top picks

There are quite a few blogs that I follow, and so it was hard to pick five that I thought deserved this award, but here goes:

1) Verde Green – this blog is about all things relating to the environment. I know that if I want to find out what is going on with all things furry, eco-friendly and environmental this is where to head.

2) Querido Rafa – this is possibly one of my favourite blogs out there – anything (and I literally mean anything) tennis related can be found on this blog. My favourite parts?  The hilarious ‘happened‘ scenarios!

3) Exodus Me – always extremely well-written, and never dull – from riding bikes alone through Europe, to hippopotamus encounters, it’s worth checking out.

4) A Leek Writes – a fellow journalist (well, she is a journalist, I’m aiming to get there), I just had to give her a shout-out 🙂

5) A Blondes Point of View – The daily point of view from a blonde – very funny, insightful and touching.

Now all I have to do is inform my fellow bloggers of their good fortune!

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