Patisserie Valerie

January 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

After living in London for over two years, I have come to have a few favourite cafes: the Kiwi-type Sacred cafe, and….. Patisserie Valerie

I found this lovely cafe one day when I was walking around the Regent’s Park/Marylebone area.

With tired feet and hunger creeping up on me, I stumbled across this cafe and it looked so inviting I had to step in.

A little bit of history

The original Patisserie Valerie was founded in 1926, in Frith Street by Madam Valerie.

She wanted to introduce continental patisserie to the English. It was an instant success. And remains so today.

Since then, cafes have opened up in other London locations, such as Bromley, Covent Garden, Kensington, and my personal favourite, Marylebone

Out of London, Patisserie Valerie can be found in Bath, Oxford, Manchester and York.

However, I have to be honest – I was a little disappointed to find that it was a chain – I just love individual cafes.

The food

So, enough about the history, and onto more important things like, the food!

Patisserie Valerie does, as you would expect, sweet treats, cakes and  pastries.

(photo credited to Ashleigh Berry)

However, there is also a full menu, which includes breakfast items, and filling options such as lasagne and toasted sandwiches.

Take Away Cafe

My enthusiasm for Patisserie Valerie has been renewed recently when I popped into the Marylebone cafe with a friend.

To my surprise, I learnt that the cafe does take away! The items that you choose are put into a gorgeous little box, complete with ribbon, or a more simple paper bag, emblazened with the cafe’s logo.

Patisserie Valerie 'take away' box (photo credited to Ashleigh Berry)

I had a chocolate whoopie pie, filled with chocolate icing (which is the best part of any sort of sweet treat, in my opinion).

Whoopie Pie (photo credited to Ashleigh Berry)

The icing was absolutely amazing. The cookie part of the whoopie pie was a little hard around the edge, and surprisingly chewy as you got further in.

However, I do not have any experience in eating whoopie pie’s so I am unsure if that is how they are supposed to be (please let me know if they are!)

My friend had a macaroon – it was very big and she couldn’t finish it, so saved it for later.

Macaroon (photo credited to Ashleigh Berry)

So, if you are feeling peckish, head to a Patisserie Valerie. Store opening times vary, so check out the website for details.

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