All I want for Christmas…..

December 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

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I recently read an article about what Kiwi children are wishing for, for Christmas this year.

Some of them are funny: “I am a good boy with an annoying brother so I think I should get something big this year.”

And some are a little bit heartbreaking: “I know there are lots of kids out there that won’t get much this Christmas so my biggest wish is for all those kids to have a happy Christmas and for you to give some of my presents to them.”

As I was reading through the article it got me thinking – what do I want for Christmas?

My Christmas List for 2011

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year  I wish for:

1) SNOW! 

For the past two Christmases while I’ve been in the UK I have had snow on Christmas day. However, technically I have not had a ‘white Christmas‘ as that only counts when it actually snows on Christmas Day. So, I’d really quite like it to snow on this Christmas Day.

2) New Zealand food

Pineapple lumps, mint slices, TimTams, Toffee Pops, Whittakers chocolate….. the could go on, but I’ll leave it there or I’ll seem greedy. 

I think this is one thing on my Christmas list that I will probably be lucky enough to get – given that my Mum is coming over from NZ and I’ve very kindly asked (over and over again) for some Kiwi treats 😉

3) To spend it with my family

Hannah and I (a few years ago now)

I’m pretty sure this is something that everyone wants, every Christmas, whether they put it on their ‘list’ on not.

Since I left NZ I have spent two Christmases (the first two ever) away from my Mum and my siblings. Instead, I have had two lazy, lovely Christmases with my Nana and Pop.

This year, I get to have Christmas, once again with Nana and Pop, but also with my Mum and sister Hannah. I am really looking forward to it.

As corny as it will sound I think that is all I really want for Christmas this year (though having the rest of my family over here too would make it the ultimate Christmas!)

Merry Christmas every one xoxo

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