Sheep Impounded in Gore, New Zealand

December 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Please note this is not the sheep in question! (photo credited to Ian Britton,

Coming from New Zealand one of the most frequent comments I get goes along the lines of ‘you have a lot of sheep there, right?’

Yes, we do – in fact we have around 40 million sheep to just over 4 million people.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that it gets a little tedious having that same comment repeated time and time again.

In spite of that (and the number of sheep jokes I will probably have to put up with), I just had to share this story…. it could only happen in New Zealand!

Sheep Impounded for trespassing 

A sheep has been impounded in a Gore dog pound(down the bottom of the South Island) for trespassing, according to the Southland Times.

The sheep faces a possible ‘death sentence’ if an owner is not found, after seven days.

The animal has been impounded after having twice been found in insanitary conditions on a property that does not belong to it’s owner.

Southland Times reporter, Sonia Gerken assures the public that the sheep is being kept separate from the dogs at the pound.

“He is a very friendly sheep. He walked across the paddock when I called him and posed for a photograph. It will be a travesty if he is killed,” she said.

However, such a nasty end is unlikely, as Mrs. Gerken has said she’ll happily take the sheep home if no owner is found.

“I would keep him, he can live out his days on our lifestyle block.”

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