Car set alight in Wellington’s Cuba Mall

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

A car has been set alight in Wellington’s Cuba Mall this morning (UK time), according to the Stuff website.

The action was undertaken by a man protesting against  Fractional Reserve Banking. He has been taken into custody and charged with arson. He will appear in Wellington District Court on Monday.

Cuba Mall is a pedestrian zone and the man’s actions endangered the many people who were in the vicinity at the time, said police.

Witnesses say… 

One eye-witness said, “there was a huge bang… the whole thing [the car] is burnt to a crisp”.

“He’d obviously driven the car through the mall, everyone was running to see what happened.”

A video posted to YouTube shows shop-owner, Jimi Smith of Emporium Vintage Boutique, rushing from his shop along with another man, to put out the flames with a fire-extinguisher before firefighters arrived.

My views

Being from Wellington, reading this shocked me. I understand that this action is small-scale in comparison to the protests going on around the world.

It was by one man. No-one was hurt.

But still, coming from a country where things like this don’t happen very often, it worries me just a little.

I hope that this will be a stand-alone act of violent  protest.

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