Dale Farm Eviction

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today, the eviction of Travellers on the Dale Farm site in Basildon, Essex began.

Riot police began entering the site, via the back entrance, at 7.00AM British time this morning.

They were armed with batons and taser guns. Violence escalated when two caravans were set alight and stones thrown by protesters. Two people were tasered by the police.

Over the course of the day one woman was taken to hospital with minor back injuries, two people were treated for smoke inhalation and one person was treated for a nose bleed.

As noted on the BBC News website, police have confirmed that throughout the day 23 people had been arrested for violent disorder, breach of the peace and obstruction.

The Travellers of Dale Farm first settled on the land back in the 1960s, with just a few families.

By the 1990s that number had grown to 37 different sites being occupied.

Initially, the Travellers occupied land outside of the ‘no-go’ Green Belt, but in 2001 the Dale Farm residents started pitching on the illegal Green Belt.

This sparked the conflict between the Travellers and the local Basildon Council. Over the next ten years the Council has issued numerous enforcement notices to the travellers, but they were, for the most part, successfully appealed.

However, in July this year eviction notices were issued to 51 sites on the Dale Farm location.

Although a temporary reprieve was issued to the Travellers to stay on the site on September 26, it was over-ruled in the High Court on October 17, giving the Basildon Council permission to go-ahead with the eviction.

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